MC Alee

Name: Eli Gomes

From performances on the biggest mainstages to scoring countless studio hits, MC Alee has walked an incredible path to reach his position as one of the most prolific and highly regarded voices of hard electronic music. With Hardcore deeply embedded in his roots, this natural born performer has proven himself to be unfazed by the concept of musical boundaries and continues to make his mark in Hardstyle, Hardcore & Freestyle to this day.

MC Alee has built and extensive discography over the years. His fellow artists call upon his
creative mindset, diverse vocal abilities and expert writing skills. ‘Methods of Mutilation’ (with Furyan) ‘Retaliate with Hate’ (with Radical Redemption & Digital Punk) & ‘Fear of the Dark’ (with Mark with a K & Warface) are just a few of his biggest hits in 2016 alone, and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of his outstanding recording history.

Being a well-established master of ceremonies, MC Alee’s performance highlights are endless. From Defqon.1 to Decibel, Thunderdome to Hard Bass, Masters of Hardcore to Mysteryland, the list features almost every major stage in the history of hard dance music and continues to grow every year.

Such varied and long-standing artists are rare in the modern music landscape, but Alee has cemented himself as an irreplaceable addition to the harder styles. As his studio sessions continue and performance agenda fills up, MC Alee’s passion and drive for music never falters. Make sure you don’t miss out on his next career milestone!