Mean Machine

Name: Jeroen Streunding (The Beholder), Raoul van Grinsven (Zany), Elidio Gomes (MC Alee)
Label: Fusion Records

When Zany and The Beholder combine forces to make music, the end results quickly become the stuff of legend within hardstyle – for years these two pioneers of the genre have collaborated and now they have decided to give this special project a name: Mean Machine.

With hall-of-fame hits like ‘Euphoria’, ‘Who want this?!’ and ‘Do you want heavy?’ already to their name, the pedigree of Mean Machine is undeniable. These two guys are notorious for their relentless melodies and a uniquely energetic atmosphere in both their tracks and live performances. By fusing their oldskool sensibilities with cutting edge production techniques, Raoul and Jeroen are intent on shaking up the hardstyle scene in a way that only they know how.

In 2016, they embarked on a mission of destruction at Hard Bass and have been tearing up crowds at exclusive performances ever since. Witness the Rise of the Machine!