Make You Dance Bookings BV stops its service

It is with sadness that we need to inform you that Make You Dance Bookings will stop her services as a booking agency per the 1st of October 2021. Due to the ongoing circumstances related to Covid, MYD Bookings has critically reflected her activities. Since the start of the pandemic, we have only seen a […]

MYD artiesten komen naar je toe deze zomer!

Ja, je leest het goed… Je favoriete Make You Dance artiest komt naar je toe deze zomer! We zijn allemaal op de een of andere manier wel getroffen door de coronacrisis en een zomer zonder festivals en evenementen is maar niks. Gelukkig zijn er inmiddels maatregelen versoepeld en komt het normale leven weer een beetje […]

Restrained presents: The Mental Asylum

He has been locked away for long enough. Withstanding the stress of isolation only made his resolve to break out even stronger. As he now ventures into the outside world, his menace will reverberate throughout the land. Take the stand and join Restrained on his first artist album, “The Mental Asylum”! Get ready for 15+ […]

Kit Hype signs with Make You Dance

Tristan Oude Voshaar is no stranger to the harder side of dance music. Like many renowned artists before him, he was introduced to the sounds of gabber over a decade ago. As the years progressed he dove deeper into the genre. And like said artists, his love for the genre grew so big he simply […]

MC Omen signs with Make You Dance

After picking up the mic for kicks for the first time, Danny Teeken felt hooked to the spotlight in no time. At that time, he was already deeply involved with the Hard Dance industry on a personal level, but now he felt he didn’t just want to enjoy the music: he wanted to be a […]

Repix signs with Make You Dance

Hardcore has been pumping through Repix’s blood ever since his younger days. By growing up in the early rave days, Nick van Middendorp has never been a stranger to the ferocious and brutal beats of this industry. It inspired him to start producing his own music in 2012, which expanded his love for the Hardcore […]

D-Fence presents: The Viral Collection

In today’s society, we digitize many of our daily burdens for our own merit. Even the most mundane and simple tasks are turned into automated processes, allowing us to do more in less time. Everything is connected to everything: phones, computers, cars, alarm systems, ID scanners, bank accounts. It’s all one giant digital network. One […]

Crude Intentions announces first album, “X”

Oh, they grow up so fast! After three years of partying with the Foolish crew, Crude Intentions is ready to blast into the stratosphere with his first artist album! With ten sublime solo productions, “X” gives you an excellent rundown of every style this young blood likes to put in his music. Whether it’s pounding […]

Degos & Re-Done their first album: Risk The Dark!

In order to see the light, you have to risk the dark! With great pride Degos & Re-Done present their very first artist album “Risk The Dark”! With their tremendous pack of skill, Degos & Re-Done schorched out six mind blowing solo productions and nine tremendous collaborations with Digital Punk, Bass Chazers, Crystal Mad, Endymion, […]

Crystal Mad signs with Make You Dance

When Matt Radley played his first box of records back in 2008, he had no idea what the future had in store for him. Triggered by his interest in dance music, Matt started diving into the specifics of dance production, dreaming of having his bag of tracks to play in clubs. When this British-based lad […]