In today’s society, we digitize many of our daily burdens for our own merit.
Even the most mundane and simple tasks are turned into automated processes, allowing us to do more in less time.
Everything is connected to everything: phones, computers, cars, alarm systems, ID scanners, bank accounts. It’s all one giant digital network.

One masked vigilante set out to spread his decree among this digital civilization.
He obtained access to everything that you know, what you hold dear and what you desire most.
Precise analyzation of our culture’s behavior made him create the most groundbreaking and relentless musical weapon, to satiate those that crave nothing but the most volatile sounds in existence.
Now, he unleashes this musical virus across the Earth, in order to receive global notoriety.

“THE VIRAL COLLECTION” is the pinnacle of D-Fence’s musical career so far. The album encapsulates all that this mysterious artist has achieved since he made his appearance in the scene.
With his signature style of bringing viral internet hits into his productions, expect fourteen astounding productions that are all prime D-Fence material, plus the ultimate D-Fence megamix containing all his hits, both past and present, in one incredible mix.

“THE VIRAL COLLECTION” will release November 9th at Neophyte Records.

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