Tristan Oude Voshaar is no stranger to the harder side of dance music. Like many renowned artists before him, he was introduced to the sounds of gabber over a decade ago. As the years progressed he dove deeper into the genre. And like said artists, his love for the genre grew so big he simply couldn’t stick to just enjoying the music: he needed to create and play it as well. The result was a succesfull career as 50% of the Hardcore duo State Of Emergency. But Tristan never stopped broadening his horizon, and as such got drawn by the sheer energy and diversity of the Freestyle industry. ‘Lo and behold: Kit Hype was born!

The funky Ragga ‘N Rave style Kit brought to his music is truly one of a kind. Best described as a blend between hard drop music and Caribbean reggae sounds creates a smile on everyone’s face. Kit Hype’s main producing philosophy? “Tracks don’t always need to be hard, as long as they contain a proper amount of drive”. He’s known for creating invigorating mash-ups to spin on the decks, but his solo productions are equally astounding. As part of the Foolish family, Kit Hype scored a massive hit with “In My Head”, a song currently sitting at 50 million plays on Youtube. But there’s more where this came from: “Mash It Up”, “Countdown”, “Fly To The Stars” (with Kutski) and “Concrete Jungle” are just a few examples of his diverse resume, the latter of which got featured in Defqon.1’s Power Hour together with “In My Head”.

With his eyes focussed on the future, Kit Hype’s prepping to spread the Ragga ‘N Rave as much as possible. Main goals are more collabs with inspiring artists, especially if they’re outside-the-box picks, spin at many more events and embed his style in the hearts of all party visitors. Let’s drop it ‘pon dem!

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