Founded in 2015, Nightbreed Records quickly grew as one of the most innovative and high-quality raw hardstyle labels. Led by their pack leaders Endymion, the imprint was the birthplace of massive hits like “Rock It” by Deetox & Break Zero, “Die Slowly” by Degos & Re-Done and “Man Bear Pig” by MYST. Armed with an unique We Are The Nightbreed liveshow on Q-dance Radio, they broadcast their howls into the night on a monthly basis to tens of thousands of people. But now, this pack of ferocious wolves feels an insatiable hunger to conquer new territory. Nightbreed Records is proud to present their “Running With The Wolves” tour!

Join the Nightbreed crew as they travel from clubs to festivals, breaking all boundaries along the way. With the full strength of the complete pack, the Running With The Wolves tour will cover all things Nightbreed, while also inviting smashing guest acts to create an unforgettable night. Expect Endymion, Degos & Re-Done, High Voltage, Bass Chaserz, MYST, Break Zero, Crystal Mad and many more to all make high-impact appearances throughout the tour, complete with a personalized promo package that’ll make everyone know the Nightbreed are moving into your territory.

Nightbreed: Running With The Wolves is both bookable as a complete hosting and as a special showcase, making the tour a perfect fit for any raw hardstyle event.

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