The godfather of hardstyle or better known as The Prophet has gone from strength to strength since the release of his album “LOUDER” and it doesn’t stop there! After smashing out some killer releases in 2014 such as “Kikkdrum” and “Rokkstar,” The Prophet is back once again with a track that will tantalise the senses of any true hardstyle fanatic. “Till I Die” has a relentless and ruthless atmosphere which can switch just about anybody on into party mode.

Perfectly crafted and ready to tear a new one through the crowds during this upcoming festival season, “Till I Die” combines the classic catchiness with modernised production to create an all-round banger. Not for the faint hearted and suitable for those who live for hard kicks, screeches and bass, The Prophet shows us why hardstyle is not just music, but a lifestyle.

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