Hardcore has been pumping through Repix’s blood ever since his younger days. By growing up in the early rave days, Nick van Middendorp has never been a stranger to the ferocious and brutal beats of this industry. It inspired him to start producing his own music in 2012, which expanded his love for the Hardcore scene even more. Six years later his music is backed by many A-list performers, he’s performed at many major events and he achieved a #1 hitsong in the MoH Top 100. There’s no denying: Repix is here to stay!

Harder, faster and louder: that’s how Repix prefers his music, with a high level of quality. Whether it’s destructive solo material like “Real Criminals” or “Hardcore Cowboy” or his many collaborations with artists like Partyraiser, Deadly Guns, System Overload or Angernoizer, you know it’s not fit for the faint of heart. His “Ode To The Godfather” ended up as one of the biggest hardcore hits of 2017 with its #1 position in the Masters of Hardcore Top 100. And there’s much more on the horizon: a terrific collaboration with Tieum “Bad Boy” and his newest solo project “The Ultimate Neophyte Tribute”, in honor of Neophyte’s 25th anniversary in the industry, are only a glimpse at what Repix has in store for the future.

Once Repix started performing at festivals, he knew that this was a path he wanted to continue walking upon. “Like my set at the industrial stage at Dominator, I did so much preparations leading up to it, but seeing it all come together there really gave me an adrenaline kick to keep going.” And he never looked back: by now Repix has appeared at Masters of Hardcore, Defqon.1, Dominator, Decibel, Q-BASE and many more top of the line events. What’s next for Repix? “I’m going to keep pushing my boundaries and see where it leads me. There’s still many more things I can do in my career, I just know it!”

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