Rob Gee, Neophyte & Tieum are proud to present: Riot Squad. A ‘Global Hardcore Disturbance’, hell-bent on injecting new life into this underground scene with a unique concoction of metal and Hardcore. Spanning 3 countries and 2 continents, Riot Squad are here to break borders, both musical and geographical. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome this exciting trio to Make You Dance Bookings!

Riot Squad

After the release of their highly successful collaboration back in 2013 entitled ‘Coming At You Strong’, the international trio realized they were on to something: “When the track was finished, all three of us knew there was a very special atmosphere around it. ‘Coming At You Strong’ was exactly what we had hoped for; no-holds-barred, powerful, different and memorable.” explained Neophyte. “When it was released, the feedback we received from the Hardcore scene was incredible. It was clear that the demand for a new wave of metal-influenced, straight up insane Hardcore was massive.” continued Rob. All it took was that surge of motivation, and a couple of months later, Riot Squad was formed. Tieum explains their ideas behind the project: “We want to do something original and challenge the boundaries of Hardcore, but stay true to our roots and keep those intense and rough elements we all became addicted to years ago.”

All three members of Riot Squad are no strangers to Hardcore, each boasting a lengthy and diverse discography of their own, alongside endless lists of unforgettable performances. Combined, Rob Gee, Neophyte & Tieum have an astonishing 50+ years of experience the scene, and hold reputations like no others.

The future of Riot Squad is an exciting one. With the launch of their new alliance, Rob Gee, Neophyte & Tieum revealed their latest masterpiece: “Anxiety”. Alongside many more hours in the studio, the trio have even bigger things planned for summer and the rest of 2014 that will follow.

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