Listeners of the LOUDER generation! Welcome to LOUDER Episode 012! It’s been one year since the launch of The Prophet’s podcast and he’s very happy to see how it turned out; a greatly anticipated collection of all harder styles in dance music! It’s exactly what he stands for. 

Important announcement; season two of the LOUDER podcast will be bigger, bolder, better and some things will change, for your listening pleasure. Change requires time though; this means that the LOUDER podcast will air on the 1st Thursday of the month from now on, starting October 1st. For now, enjoy the one year celebration of all harder styles in dance music!  

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01. Intro
02. Southstylers – Pwoap!
03. Gostosa – Never Say Never
04. The Prophet – Smells Like Hardstyle
05. A-lusion – I Need You
06. Festuca – Floating
07. Phrantic – Minute By Minute
08. Jack Ü ft 2 Chainz – Febreze (Coone Remix)
09. Bass Modulators – Our Dreams (Dream Village 2015 O.S.T.)
10. Noisecontrollers – Hands Up!
11. Proto Bytez – Reality
12. Avicii – Waiting For Love (Raxtor Hardstyle Remix)
13. LAME OR FAME: Aztech – A New Drill
14. The Pitcher – The World Beyond (Dr Phunk & Genius Remix)
15. The Prophet – One Moment (Prophet’s Louder Remix)
16. The Beast Project & Dacompazz – Next Level
17. E-Force – Disorder (Ground Zero Anthem 2015)
18. Prefix & Density – S.T.F.U.
19. Outbreak – Brain Smacker
20. Warface – Mash Up 3.0
21. Dazzler & Personal Rival – Street Banger
22. D-Fence – Koekoek Jongen

Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to send in your tracks to Who knows… you just might make it to next month’s episode! #LAMEORFAME

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