“Listeners of the LOUDER generation, welcome back to the LOUDER Podcast! All harder styles are represented; Rawstyle, Euphoric and Oldschool! Also included in this episode is your voice! I’ve received hundreds of voice messages via Whatsapp and even had a nice chat with some of you. Really cool! Check out the episode to find out whether you’re included. Besides, enjoy episode 06 of #LOUDER!”

The LOUDER Podcast will air each 3rd Thursday of the month. Next episode: 19/03/2015

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Tracklist LOUDER Episode 06:
01. Intro
02. Jimmy The Sound – Hasta la Vista Baby
03. DJ Glenn vs The Voltage Club – Silent Mix
04. Atmozfears & Audiotricz – Reawakening
05. Tuneboy – Out of Space (Original Tuneboy Mix)
06. Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators – Rocked Up
07. The Prophet – Mixmaster
08. Kaskade feat Neon Trees – Lessons in Love (Headhunterz Remix)
09. Devin Wild – Into the Night
10. Dr Rude & Phrantic – Groundstomp
11. DJ Isaac – Recharged
12. LAME OR FAME: Reckson – Let Your Dreams Shine
13. D-Block & S-te-Fan & Rebourne – Louder
14. Frontliner – Dream Dust (Unofficial XQ15 Desnar & Artic Remix)
15. Bass Modulators – Global Awakening (Hard Bass 2015 Edit)
16. Ilsa Gold – Up
17. ID – ID
18. Freakz at Night – Freakz (Hard Bass 2015 Team Red OST)

Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to send in your tracks to Who knows… you just might make it to next month’s episode! #LAMEORFAME

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