Waverider is extremely proud to present his brand new project: Collabs! He’s calling upon you, the dedicated Hardstyle scene, to take part in building his next track. “The two most important things in my career have always been the music I make and all of the amazing fans who support me. I want to combine them both, and involve as many people in the production of my next track as possible!” Waverider explains.

Waverider has broken the track down into 4 elements. Each Monday, he will upload two variations of a different element and then it’s up to you to decide which one will make it into the final track! Through Facebook and SoundCloud comments, you can share your favorite directly with Waverider. But it’s not always black and white. Do you have some tweaks you’d like to suggest? He’d love to hear them: “I’ve always been curious about how people relate to different elements of my music, weather it’s a melody, mid-intro or even vocals, and I think Collabs is the best way to find out. My fans have been an endless source of inspiration for me, so I’d love to hear their in-depth opinions about each and every detail!”

This week he kicks off with one of the most recognized elements of a Hardstyle track; the melody! Vote for your favorite of the two by commenting on the SoundCloud set (below) or on his Facebook page!

“I’m really looking forward to working on this new track with everyone over the next few weeks! Feel free to drop me a message on Facebook to talk about each element. Speak soon!” – Waverider


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